# Products Changelog

Reference Product/Part Description Link
PCN-00001 4mm PTFE Push Fit New push fit design to avoid tearing of the ptfe tubing PCN-00001 (opens new window)
PCN-00002 Typhoon Non-Planar Nozzles Flat portion of the nozzles has been reduced to improve the clearance around the nozzle PCN-00002 (opens new window)
PCN-00003 DyzeXtruder Pro Driving Wheels Material for the wheels in contact with the filament is changed for tool steel rather than alloyed steel. PCN-00003 (opens new window)
PCN-00004 Typhoon Maximal Temperature Maximal operating temperature of the product has been set to 450C instead of 500C PCN-00004 (opens new window)
PCN-00005 Typhoon Heating Procedure Change Recommended gradual heating process to prevent local overheating PCN-00005 (opens new window)
PCN-00006 Typhoon™ LCX/Air replaces original Typhoon™ Typhoon™ phased out, replaced by Typhoon™ LCX and Typhoon™ Air models. Heatcores upgraded to Heatcore Pro. Streamlined watercooling system, limited to pressure plate section. Shared housings for Typhoon™ LCX and Typhoon™ Air. Redesigned markings. Reduced overall weight with sheet metal changes. Shared pressure plate. New elbow fittings introduced. PCN-00006 (opens new window)
Last Updated: 9/29/2023, 11:37:50 PM