# Products Changelog

Reference Product/Part Description Link
PCN-00001 4mm PTFE Push Fit New push fit design to avoid tearing of the ptfe tubing PCN-00001 (opens new window)
PCN-00002 Typhoon Non-Planar Nozzles Flat portion of the nozzles has been reduced to improve the clearance around the nozzle PCN-00002 (opens new window)
PCN-00003 DyzeXtruder Pro Driving Wheels Material for the wheels in contact with the filament is changed for tool steel rather than alloyed steel. PCN-00003 (opens new window)
PCN-00004 Typhoon Maximal Temperature Maximal operating temperature of the product has been set to 450C instead of 500C PCN-00004 (opens new window)
PCN-00005 Typhoon Heating Procedure Change Recommended gradual heating process to prevent local overheating PCN-00005 (opens new window)
PCN-00006 Typhoon™ LCX/Air replaces original Typhoon™ Typhoon™ phased out, replaced by Typhoon™ LCX and Typhoon™ Air models. Heatcores upgraded to Heatcore Pro. Streamlined watercooling system, limited to pressure plate section. Shared housings for Typhoon™ LCX and Typhoon™ Air. Redesigned markings. Reduced overall weight with sheet metal changes. Shared pressure plate. New elbow fittings introduced. PCN-00006 (opens new window)
PCN-00007 Stepper Motor Driver The Digital Stepper Driver R60 from RTelligent has been replaced with the newly developed Dyze Stepper Driver to improve performance, precision, and reliability in extrusion systems. PCN-00007 (opens new window)
Last Updated: 5/1/2024, 4:29:37 PM